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Looking for translators to make SeedPeer multilang!

Posted by Markus | 8 years ago on Sunday 07 June 2009 02:14:25 to be more exact
Dear visitors,

We want to launch a new multilingual version of SeedPeer and need our help to translate from english to your own language the website.

We are not restricting translations to only french, german, italian or spanish, any language is welcome because this websites is yours and we want to provide access to torrents to everybody anywhere in the world!

So, if you're interested in helping us, please reply to this blog post with your contact infos, we will send you instructions!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Daniel.D'souza 8 years ago

Hey There Markus!
I am an Indian Citizen with fluency in English and Hindi as well...
Since 14.4% of your traffic comes from India I think it would boost your amazing site's traffic a whole lot.
Just gimme a shout if you need my services.
Chao! :)

Daniel.D'souza 8 years ago

Hey sry I forgot to put up my details....
you can contact me at oodlestoodles[at]gmail[dot]com
Chao! :)

Michael B. Durkin 8 years ago

Hi Markus!
I'm a big fan of SeedPeer, and I would love to help translating, or in any way I can.
I was born in Brazil, but I live in the US. I am fluent in portuguese (1st language) and english.
my primary e-mail is [email protected]
my msn is [email protected]
If there's anything I can do, just contact me :)

Anja 8 years ago


I am Slovenian but I also lived in Czech Republic for a long time. I am fluent in slovenian, Ctech and English.

My e-mail is: [email protected]

Let me know, if I can help :)

Ruizist! 8 years ago

I can help with the Spanish translation.

Contact me at [email protected]

Great site.

lilly 8 years ago

I'm italian,please translate in italian language.Thanks,great site.

Gulya 8 years ago

I can help with Russian translation. Go to website to see my profile.
My email is: [email protected]

Even K. 8 years ago

I can help with Norwegian translation. (Both Bokmål and Nynorsk.)

Email: [email protected]

Michael 8 years ago

I'm from the Netherlands and I would like to translate into Dutch :)

My email: [email protected]

Kujtim 8 years ago

Hi, i am from Macedonia, I am Albanian and I would like to translate into Albanian

My email:[email protected]

Laurent 8 years ago

Hi, i'm belgian (from the french part of this small country) and so can, if it help, translate in ... french ;-)

[email protected]

Rumen 8 years ago

Hi :))
I am Bulgarian, at the moment I live in the UK I am interested in your offer.
I would like to know how it works, and I think that we can help each other.
drop me a message at [email protected] if interested I`ll be glad to help.
P.S please type "about translation"in the subject line please, there is a lot of spam out there.:)

cuca 8 years ago

need a spanish translator? contact me at
[email protected]

janoo 8 years ago

maybe I´ll help with slovak (SK)?
oo.janoo *at* gmail *dot* com

Tal K. Lederman 8 years ago

I can help up with Hebrew and Russian.
[email protected]

Kalle 8 years ago

Tjena laoooooooooooo. Jag e från rinkebi föfan, jag kan köra din skit i rinkebyska, funkar fan i tensta o husby osså föfan ..

vart ska jag leecha dina jävla torrentz då? lett att jag inte leechar te nån jävla danderydsserver .. då cuttar jag dej fan.

Nina 8 years ago

I am French, I live in Paris and i'm bilingual because i often go to London to visit the other side of my family. I am totally ready to help you out in french so send me an email at [email protected]
I'd be glad to help, Nina!

luis 8 years ago

Yo puedo hacer traducciones al español...
[email protected]

Laurens 8 years ago


I can help you with the Dutch version! I already saw that another Dutch guy has responded, but if you need help or something you can always contact me:

michel 8 years ago

i can do portuguese(brazilian)
[email protected]

Maria 8 years ago


If you want help translating into Swedish you can contact me.


Sagablanc 8 years ago

Hi! I can help translating to norwegian.
You can contact me at:
[email protected]

your sincerly


Seyyed Amin 8 years ago

I translating to persian (farsi)

contact me with Seyyed.Amin[@]


hamdi sultan 8 years ago

hi . i can translate to Arabic.
contact me : [email protected]
good luck

hassoon 8 years ago

plz iwant the password of the movie harry potter and the half blood prince ineed it plz

Mineiro 8 years ago

I can help with portuguese translation.
email: [email protected]

Ari 8 years ago

I'm half irish and half italian so I am more than willing to help with the translating. I can help with french and german too just in case you need any.

Ari 8 years ago

Forgot to say you can mail me at: [email protected]
Luv the site!!

Barbara 8 years ago

I spent 20 years in USA
could help with both ways Polish-English (US)
[email protected]

DJ DSign 8 years ago

If you want a dutch translation of your website, then im your best choice.

janjouf 8 years ago

Arabic translation

[email protected]

Damos 8 years ago

I can help out with Russian. My email is [email protected]

fred 8 years ago

hi marcus,
for the greek translation you can send
instructions to [email protected],
it ll be my pleasure!


Hioxy 8 years ago

Hi Marcus,

I can help for Turkish translation.
Send instructions to [email protected]

jasa56 8 years ago

I like your I could help to Spanish Translating.


[email protected]

shinmai 8 years ago

I'd happily do the translation to Finnish. I've got some experience in website and software translations.

I can be reached via [email protected]

traffik 8 years ago

Can I try in romanian?
[email protected]

Juicebot 8 years ago

Spanish; if needed

Tristan 8 years ago

Hey, i can translate in french ;)

Salut, je peux traduire votre site en francais ;)

Tristan 8 years ago

Sorry, e-mail -> [email protected]

The4X 8 years ago

Hello there.
I'm not a professional translator, but i'm able to translate any kind of texts from english to smooth russian. 4X[at]
Thank you.

olio di papi 8 years ago

Hi all of us :)
I'm good in Bosnian (Serbian, Croatian) languages :)
so if you need some "help" my E-mail
[email protected]
we need this

Fredrik 8 years ago

I can translate to Swedish if needed! Fluent Swedish and English.

Contact me at:
[email protected]

Jonathan Justus S 8 years ago

Hey this is Jonathan translates from English to Tamil

[email protected]

Billtan 8 years ago

Hi, Markus. I'm Bill. I'm pleased to hear that you're looking for translators . I'm very interested in translating the official language of this site in my own language, vietnamese. It's my favorite job and u can trust me. Here is my
Email: [email protected]

ULA MOHAMMAD 8 years ago

hi markus I am Ula I am able to translate from English to Arabic if needed.
[email protected]

SylvioS 8 years ago

hey, i can help with german if needed..[email protected]

sid 8 years ago

It will be a big pleasure to make a translation into a polish language if You like :D
[email protected]

Giru 8 years ago

Hi there, Markus...
I have a job in Ecuador as a turist guide, so i can help translating your web to spanish, just contact me at [email protected]..
I'll be pleasured of helping...

Paulo 8 years ago

Portuguese translator here!
[email protected]

ButtHoleWithSpermDried 8 years ago

I translate for real good! Though I have object crammed with asshole at times all day time, I translate for site for $300 american only month. Give BJ to warm man for also $300 american and butt sex. And hold of me with the letter there : [email protected]

Holy shit I cant stop laughing

Murat 8 years ago

I would like to translate into Turkish
my mail is mbiskin (at) gmail dot com

mohamed ali ghazy 8 years ago

i can help u with arabic translation or anything else u need contact me on [email protected] waiting for the reply

yusha 8 years ago

i m from pakistan
i m translating in urdu and persian
u can contact me on
[email protected]

LeXeR 8 years ago

I Can translate it in romanian
[email protected]

Malleus 8 years ago

Hi there
Im Nuno, from Portugal.
send me a e-mail if you want to translate stuff :D
[email protected]

xRahulx 8 years ago

Hey SP,
I am Rahul, from India. I am preety much well versed in Hindi

Mei Li 8 years ago

Hi There,

I can translate it to chinese

[email protected]

DHRMVLS 8 years ago


My name is KC, I'm an american living in brazil. I speak portuguese fluently and have a lot of experience in translation work.

[email protected]

Thanks for your time.

Prateek Shujanya 8 years ago

My name is Prateek, I am an Indian. I can help you to translate stuff to HINDI.

Contact: [email protected]

Casper 8 years ago

I can translate to Danish

[email protected]

Beli, 8 years ago

Hello! I am Beli, I come from newly declared independent state of Kosovo, southeast Europe(former Yugoslavia.
I am Professor of English, and I have worked as translator/interpreter for over ten years
I do speak Albanian,Serbian and English very fluently.
I would be very happy if I could be of any help as regards translation of this website from English to Albanian language.
Furthermore, if you are interested you can simply reach me at my e-mail, which is as follows:
[email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,

Susanna 8 years ago

Italian technical translator (from English and Spanish) mothertongue - with 20 years of experience.
To contact me and send instructions please write to [email protected]


Vasian 8 years ago

Hi I am Vasian and I could help you to translate the site to german

If you need my help you are able to contact me here: [email protected]

LG Vasian

Katherine K 8 years ago


I can help you both with Russian and Ukrainian translations. I have more than 8 years of experience. Great portfolio of translated sites.

Please contact me via email [email protected]

Kind wishes,
English-Russian/Ukrainian Translator

The_sad_boy 7 years ago

hey i m from pakistan plz help me my torrent Always Slow and some time fast and some time slow whats wrong with torrent plz help me

[email protected]